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      Chapter one: General principle 1 The name of this association is Chinese working dog management association, which shorten form is CWDMA. 2 The Chinese working dog management association is an independent non-profit police K9 organization comprised of a group of working dog and police K9 enthusiasts. 3 The tenet of CWDMA is :Stand to national¨s constitution ,law, rule and national¨s policy .Hold and organize society worker and private group who working for the working dog course to break new ground and introducing new concepts in how dogs are deployed in law enforcement. Our goal is to make K9 work in policing professional in such a manner that each of our jobs is safer through sound tactical training, and to bring all officers and administrators involved in K9 work closer together in to heighten K9 work ethics and standards. 4 The direct charge department for CWDMA is the ministry of public security for PRC.The civil administration department is the corporation register management department .The mps and the cad will give instruction and supervise for CWDMA. 5 The CWDMA is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. Chapter 2, The business range of CWDMA: (One) Establish development plan, put forward policy advice to administration management department. (Two) Strengthen the contact and cooperation in the world for the same purpose, and hold competition in china. (Three) Promote the communication and cooperation to absorb and introduce into new technical,equipmentand management experience; Organize members go abroad to learn, seeand train. Organize attend or hold international competition and seminar. (Four) Set the science and research item directory; Take part in or be charged with the evaluation, argument, identification, and award, extend for the science and research item, technique product (Five) Establish sty about stand, rule and hold intelligence examine, strengthen guidance, make the management system standard. (Six) Establish training plan, and? undertake the title of a technical post for relative department. (Seven) Receive entrust and provide technical support and consultation. (Eight) Set Chinese working dog net and edit to publish book and video about dog. (Nine)  Maintain members legality right and award excellent group and private. (Ten)  Heighten K9 work ethics and standards. Chapter 3, member 1 The members in this association divided into personal member, unit member and honored member. 2 The members applied to this association must have the following supplies:   A, Support this association rule.   B, Apply to this association freewill.   C, Personal member must be a specialty or a dedicated member.   D, Unit member must be unit or group approved by relative function department.   E, Honored member: Support this association¨s work enthusiasm and have contribution to this association. 3 Apply to this association:   A, Submit application to this association.   B, Confirm by council or discussion by council.   C, Deliver certificate by council or the department accredited by council. 4 The members have this right:   A, Elect right and decided right   B, Have the right to take part in the activity of this association.   C, Have the priority right to this association.   D, Criticism and supervise rights.   E, Have right to cancel from this association.
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