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      Chinese working dog management association started in 2002 and has about more than 12000 members and 160 teaching and technique researching units,which from national public security,military,custom,law,animal ,armed police. It is the first class association registered by national civil administration and charged by the public security of the ministry.It is the only national canine association. The Chinese workinh dog management association is an independent non-profit police K9 organization comprised of a group of working dog and police K9 enthusiasts. These individuals work together to promote the best interests of the police K9 and working dogs utilized in law enforcement and other public safety functions. The tenet of the association is that abide national¡¯s constitution ,law,regulation and national policy,abide and organize the unit and people who enthusiasm for working dog career to study working dog technique and promote the communication and cooperation to increase the science technique and standard working dog¡¯s breed ,training and useful and promote working dog technique development and prosperity to stabilize national¡¯s economy construction . There are ten item operation of the association£ºThe First, Establish development program , provide policy suggestion and decision-making.The Second,competition;The Third, Advance the communication and cooperation to absorb the advanced technique , equipment and management experience;Organize people go to go abroad to study ,train.The Fourth, Set down science research directory and tackle key problem.The Fifth, Editor information ,publication,books and relative video ,establish Chinese working dog management association.The Sixth, Promote animal protect working. There are 6 offices of the association in china:Beijing office ,Shenyang office,Nanjing offices ,xi¡¯an office,Kunming offices.There are 4 offices of the Standing body : bureaux,canine resource management,contest training department,information contacty department.Non standing body is composed of learning committee,teaching training speciality committee,breeding speciality committee and so on . We carried out the idea that make things on the basis of civilian ,on the guard of special department and serve society .The cwdma has hold many unite and people who is engaged in dog working .Hold together police and military unit and science research organization.We have had more than 12000 members and had strengthened the contact with international canine organization,we had send persons to go abroad to study ;we have established speciality publication¡¶chinese working dog magazine¡· and the association web ;we have organized the speciality training more than 30 times and the dog exhibition more than 10 times;We have established dog place management system and have registered dogs more than 1800. It offers membership to all working dog and police K9 enthusiasts, it acknowledges that there are a great number of dedicated persons who are not sworn law enforcement officers who maintain a legitimate effort in the training and deployment of working dogs. This association provides a forum for those persons to validate their efforts, and attain certifications and achieve the recognition that they deserve. It offers support, guidance, education, and training involving the use of police K9¡¯s in all areas of law enforcement and public safety. It serves as a legally recognized certifying authority for those police K9¡¯s their handlers and trainers. It recommends certification for all of it¡¯s members as police K9 teams, police K9 handlers, and police K9 trainers.
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